Since 1984 Grandview Construction has been a leader in large scale commercial and multi-family residential projects. Headquarterd in Sterling Heights Michigan Grandview has worked in Southeast Michigan and throughout  the US providing our high level of customer service where ever opportunities arise.

We specialize in the following services:

  • General Contractors
  • Office renovation
  • New building construction
  • Surgical center construction
  • Commercial construction
  • Site improvements/underground
  • Sea wall construction
  • Medical office build out specialists
  • Residential construction/Multi family
  • Development consultants
  • Construction finance consultants
  • Real estate planning consultants
  • New construction site selection consultants

Why Choose Grandview?


We have the vision, finance and construction expertise to execute development projects. No project is too big for our team. With numbers ranging near half of a billion dollars in projects completed, we’re capable of handling it all.

Construction Management

What sets our construction management apart from the rest? Our team is made up of trained experts. We won’t outsource your project and we’re capable of self performing with our in-house skilled tradesman. We have the ability to see projects through to final completion while meeting or exceeding customer expectations. Our construction management team is reliable, skilled, and always up-to-date with the latest building codes and requirements.


For over thirty years we’ve been obtaining our own financing for large scale projects. We’ve developed the reputation and trust required to finance development projects. Grandview Construction has completed many successful residential and commercial developments that required countless complex financial and regulatory strategies.

Technical Expertise

We built a level 2 data center for our client BondDesk. The BondDesk Group is a leading fixed-income technology firm, and is one of the nation’s largest retail fixed income trading destinations. We’re proud to have created their home in Michigan, guaranteeing the technical expertise needed to provide a safe and secure home for financial information.

Health and Medical Expertise

Grandview Construction builds state of the art medical facilities including Town Center ASC, a new surgical center in Troy, Michigan. Grandview designed and built the cutting edge surgical center with important features including air control and ventilation systems that provide the highest quality comfort and air filtration available. We love building these detailed, state of the art medical centers knowing we’re helping establish a Grand and healthy future.

Green Building Techniques

We know how to build a safe and Eco-friendly building for those interested in energy saving options. We’re capable of designing and constructing a building that cuts down on energy costs and conforms to modern green building techniques.

Our Quality Commitment

Like the quality care your business provides, a building needs to serve its people in the safest and best way possible. Quality isn’t just a value for our company, it’s ingrained in everything we do. High quality service starts with the grand vision, and ends with every detail in the right place.

Grandview is committed to excellence, ensuring that every aspect of our process provides the highest quality to our customers. All of our team members are always well informed, trained, and knowledgeable about their project. From start to finish our integrity and workmanship and will assist you in building a project that will allow all involved to take pride in for generations to come.